How Beautiful The World Could Be

2019, Installation with bike, LED wheel light, book "Man's Search For Meaning", 4K video 15 min 06 sec.
Camera Assistant : Kazune Yahikozawa

Everyone probably has experienced finding the beauty in ordinary natural phenomena such as sunlight, green trees, sunset or starry sky.

In "Man's Search For Meaning", the record of Auschwitz concentration camp written by Viktor E. Frankl, a prisoner said "世界はどうしてこんなに美しいんだ" ("How beautiful the world could be" in English) unintentionally when he saw the sunset.

By continuing to pedal, the phrase is illuminated by the LED wheel lights attached on the bicycle with an afterimage effect.

The long take video of the artist riding a bicycle against the background of the beautiful scenery of Setouchi tinted by sunset gives viewers the time to think about "the beauty of the world".


During Setouchi Triennale, the installation was presented at Megi-island. In addition, five bikes were rented at Takamatsu port area.


2019 Setouchi Triennale, Japan