2009, Video installation, HD video, 10 drawing sets, 11:36 min., 21x29cm(each).

In this piece, Yamashita and Kobayashi, having lived and worked together for 17 years, attempt to communicate without words.

Out of 1000 attempts at telepathic exchange, mostly failures, they miraculously (or perhaps coincidentally) succeeded ten times.

A video of those ten instances was displayed alongside the drawings created during the project.


2018 Solyanka State Gallery, Moscow

2015 Kurumaya Museum of Art, Oyama, Tochigi (solo)

2012 Futura Centre For Contemporary Art, Prague

2011 Kunstverein Göttingen, Germany

2010 Roppongi Art Night, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

No Holds Barred, Art Amsterdam

2009 Vacant, Tokyo