Major League Birdwatching

2011, Single channel video projected on a baseball cap, stereo sound, tripod, dimensions variable, 9:30 min., C-print 40 x 30 cm

At the Yankee Stadium in New York, Yamashia and Kobayashi did birdwatching.
People come to the stadium to see a baseball game, and birds come there in search of food. Yamashita and Kobayashi watch the birds from over 100 meters away.

The aim of this work is to unite (or at least to observe) those two "parallel worlds" that share the same place stadium, but never overlap one another. In contrast to the noisy sound of excited baseball fans coming from the loudspeakers, the simple calm lives of birds are depicted in the video projected onto the baseball caps worn by artists.


2014 ISCP, New York

2012 Lombard Freid Projects, NY

2011 Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, Tokyo