2021/2023- Live video streaming, m-shaped signboard installed on Ikuji coastal embankment(230×1410 ㎝), acrylic on canvas (31.8×41cm), text Dimension variable

“infinity~mirage” is an outdoor project produced for Yamashita + Kobayashi’s solo exhibition “A mirage.”, held at Kurobe City Art Museum, Toyama Prefecture, in 2021. A gigantic signboard in the shape of an “m” measuring 14.1 meters wide by 2.3 meters high was installed along the coastal embankment of Ikuji in Kurobe City, which is famous nationwide for its mirage sightings. The artists attempted to make the “∞” symbol emerge through means of the inferior mirage effect that is often observed in the area from autumn to winter, which causes the reverse image of the “m” to appear below the actual signboard itself.
The video taken through a super-telephotographic camera in Uozu, 8 km away from Ikuji, is constantly streamed live on the internet. Faced with a natural phenomenon of a mirage which may appear at any time, viewers, while feeling a sense of anxiety and anticipation, are encouraged to enjoy the "uncertainty" that also permeates this exhibition. In other words, the work could be described as a collaboration between humans and a natural phenomenon.

Kurobe City Museum (Project website)

Uozu Burried Forest Museum

2023 Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art, Chiba, Japan (solo)

2021 Kurobe City Museum of Art, Toyama, Japan (solo)