I Am Everything, Everything Is Me

2015, HD video, 01:39 min.

Various images changes one to another instantaneously with the sound of "me", "me", "me". The images are such as passport photo, chair, fallen leaf, a pair of glasses, raw meat, rice, dog, stuffed dog, horse, bone, waste of animal, smart phone, bench, firework, crane car, collective housing, dust cloth, toilet paper, etc. From melting ice to spring water, from busy ants to a person working on the rooftop of a building, from stone to potato, from a red road cone to a cherry tomato, building to horsetail, horsetail to totem pole. The way in which the image of "me" changes with colour, shape, use, material, behaviour is as an association game, it embodies the present world of flux. As they say, "The material of "me" itself can be said of a moment formed within the cycle of earth.", all the images in this work have no fixed nature, and constant change is their normal state. The artists discovered the world of flux in the word games such as word chain or word association game.

– Hanae Nakao (Curator of Kurumaya Museum of Art, Oyama)


2017 Nimman Film Festival, Chiang Mai*

2015 Kurumaya Museum of Art, Oyama, Tochigi, Japan (solo)