Human( )Nature

2021 4K video(11’23”), slide projection(58pieces, photo by Ryohei Yanagihara), bicycle with LED wheel lights Dimension variable

The artist is riding a bicycle in the mountainous area of Asahi-machi (Daira district) in Toyama prefecture, Japan. There are some letters emerging on the tyres. 8 different messages change from one to another: “Human and nature”, “Human is nature”, “Human or nature”...
A hydroelectric power station built after the war on the Sakai River, a former construction site with growing grass, a small village of 9 houses and 9 people surrounded by mountains, solar panels… Various structures which show traces of the past pass by. This information, subtly interspersed throughout the work, offers different perspectives depending on where the viewer's attention is placed. The artists' questioning of the fluctuating boundaries between human and nature is posed in a straightforward manner.

–Chikako Shakudo (Curator of Kurobe City Museum of Art, Toyama)


2023 Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art, Chiba, Japan (solo)

2021 Kurobe City Art Museum, Toyama, Japan (solo)