Boku to Watashi (Me and Me)

2015, double slide projection, 80 slides each, permanent marker on transparency films

World, Art

2015, light box, 81 slides each, permanent marker on transparency films 480x480x100 mm

Boku to Watashi (Me and Me), World, Art were inspired from "Gestalt collapse" and "Meaning saturation" – the phenomenon of a complex character breaking down into its component parts in one’s mind and losing its meaning by constant staring. In this series, Yamashita + Kobayashi continued writing four words – "Watashi (feminine form of "I" in Japanese)” and "Boku (masculine form of "I" in Japanese)","world", and "art" on hundreds of mounted clear films. 80 films from each word are shown by slide projection "Boku" and "Watashi". Also displayed on a lighting box are the words "world" and "art". As the four words are being written, repeat - collapse and reconstruction takes place, as per the Gestalt effect. It suggests the relationship between self and surrounding "art", and the "world" where they exist.

– Yu Iseki (Curator, Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito)
from Notebooks, and from the Notebooks


2015 Kurumaya Museum of Art, Oyama, Tochigi, Japan(solo)